Four Paws Pet Salon is a premier salon with two  convenient locations located in Valparaiso, Florida and  Destin, Florida. Through many years of grooming we have discovered that each one of your companions have different needs. Our newly remodeled  state of the art salon can provide such needs. We see to it that each individual companion has his or hers needs met.
Four Paws Pet Salon offers complete grooming services by highly skilled and experienced groomers. We strive to match your companions style with his or her personality. All of the products we use on your loved one will be top of the line high quality products. We know that your companion is precious and we pride ourselves in providing a safe, clean and intimate environment for pets. We are experienced in all breeds and have the professional knowledge to groom your dog to match its active life. Wether you seek a simple cut or a highly technical scissor trim, Four Paws can accommodate all of your grooming needs. Our salon has no hidden doors and no hidden rooms. Your companion is NEVER out of the owners view.  From the time your companion arrives until he or she leaves she is treated like family. Four Paws  understands that in many cases your companions are your children.  Once again thank you for the opportunity to love your companion.  We hope to add you to our already growing list of satisfied customers. 

Photos of our newly remodled Destin location

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Four Paws Pet Salon
Two convenient locations:
Valparaiso, Fl         Destin, Fl
       (850)678-7297           (850)650-7297 

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Grooming~ Boarding~ Doggy Daycare!!!!!!
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1000 sq.ft. big dog boarding/daycare play room
Front lobby with 24 hr video and audio recording

Our guests enjoying the newly renovated playroom.
900 sq.ft. boarding/playroom for our smaller dogs
Full service kitchen for all of your dogs special needs.